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Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group -- 5 Star Disinfection and Safety Certification Service

For Immediate Release
 The Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group Announces its 5 Star Safety and Disinfection Certification.

 This program is designed to assure and display the safety of qualifying businesses in your community. Businesses that qualify for this emblem follow all CDC guidelines, disinfect properly and utilize the advanced air quality disinfection methods such as UV-C Light, Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) and Ozone, for your protection.

When it comes to safety and disinfection one Front Range Company is ready to help others build back better. The Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group has developed a 5 Star Disinfection and safety Certification Service. This program goes over and above the requirements of any County, State, Federal, CDC, EPA  or “WELL” required suggestions for contagion control at any Covid-19 warning level.  The program requires a $250 fee to administer the program and there will likely be required affordable equipment additions needed to qualify.

Businesses that participate will learn first-hand about best practice disinfection techniques and how to use the type of equipment that is proven to reduce contagion from both surfaces and airspace with up to 99.9% effectiveness. Participating business seem to appreciate the rigid standards needed to qualify for this 5 star program and are determined to meet them. According to management at the Wild Game Restaurant, “we know that few other restaurants in town will currently qualify for this program and we like it!”

Inquiring business will be inspected by a Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group Specialist, able to answer all of your questions about facility disinfection. To qualify for the 5-Star Emblem requires the following; UV-C light over important surfaces and advanced air purification that utilizes Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), a molecular method of pathogen destruction, developed by NASA and safe to be used in occupied spaces. The 5-star program also requires the use of Ozone (O3) with has been proven to be highly effective against Covid-19. The Ozone will be used at night, in the bathroom and in unoccupied spaces. To qualify the facility management must also commit to following all current CDC guidelines, and disinfection protocols.

According to Scott Milne, who is the owner of Rocky Mountain Efficiency and the author of the book Win the War on Covid-19, “It is this “Layered Approach” that has allowed these businesses to qualify for this safety certification. The facility operators learn all about the use of advanced disinfection technology and their investment is modest. After a careful study of the current building wellness and safety certifications currently available we found multiple ways to improve and increase the opportunities to layer additional and practical sanitation methods. Along with the additional required disinfection, certified businesses now utilize negative ionization to reduce allergen and virus.” Milne has been an expert in facility efficiency and air quality well before the covid breakout and has helped Health Clubs, Hotels and Retirement Communities that have safely made it thru the pandemic. Milne helps certified businesses plan a promotional campaign surrounding the announcement of their award and facility modification, in an effort to help them bring back visitor traffic.
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