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About Us

What is Nature Connected Life Coaching or Guiding?

Our path through life takes many twists and turns. Like Nature, we participate in a cyclical journey through many seasons. Our unique story of growth and transformation is reaffirmed by and reflected in the great wheel of Creation. When we fully and mindfully enter into this path, we discover the answers to our deepest questions.

Nature Connected Life Guiding (or coaching) is a pathway for personal and/or professional growth and transformation that collaborates with this wheel of Nature, both the Nature found outdoors, as well as Nature found within ourselves. We are innately wired for deep connection with Creation and look to Nature's metaphors and symbols to guide our own inner knowing, wisdom, and intuition. Our brains re-wire, creating new pathways for transformation as we heal and gain clarity, allowing us to become our best selves. We re-wire our own story to become our new "mythic" image.

While most Nature Connected Life Guiding sessions take place outdoors and incorporate an experience that engages with the Land, successful coaching can also happen indoors. Through ceremony, joyful collaboration, skillful observation, listening, and powerful questions, I offer a supportive presence as you listen deeply to Nature (within and without) and discover the answers that already lie in you.

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