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Edward Jones - Stephanie C Johnson

Edward Jones - Stephanie C Johnson

Financial Services

About Us

Our branch is committed to educating our clients so that they have the confidence to retire in the comfort of which they have dreamt. Regular financial checks ins should be essential to our self-care routines because we often have competing goals that can quickly derail us from our plans. That's why it's so important to find a financial partner to understand what's important to you as your goals and priorities evolve and change over time.

I have three important goals as your financial advisor:
• First, that you know we truly value an authentic relationship with you. I firmly believe that it is critical in helping you accomplish all that is important to you.
• Second, that you leave every meeting knowing you are partnered with a professional who is dedicated to help grow your wealth as if it was my own hard-earned money.
• Finally, that you know I am here for you for the long term. I want to help you build your wealth, protect your wealth and eventually transition your wealth to those you love.

I often say in first appointments, ''Find a financial advisor that speaks your language.'' The reason I say this is because it is so important that you find the right “fit” for you and your family. I hope that I can be that financial advisor for you! Please give my office a call – I’d love to set up a time to get to know you and see how I can best serve you.


  • Supporting divorced and widowed women recover from loss and feel financially secure
  • Supporting business owners improve their financial health and build a customized exit strategy
  • Preparing soon-to-retire or newly retired families for their new paycheck and feel secure with their income


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