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Daddy's Homemade

Daddy's Homemade

Food: RetailGourmet/ Specialty Foods

About Us

Daddy's Homemade started as a homemade, healthier option for our kids. Now, not just for breakfast foods, you can add a healthier, all-natural syrup as a tasty topper to just about anything. Delivered. With our unique flavors and limited ingredients, we produce all-natural syrups and ready-to- blend-breakfasts to sell throughout Colorado.


Unique flavors offered in 4 sizes
Daddy's Homemade family
Perfect Pancakes
Holiday basket ideas
Holiday basket
Sampler baskets
Variety packs with reusable totes
Delicious in coffee!
8.5 oz is the best value!
Helping Mountain Backpacks


Release Date: January 08, 2024

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